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traditional sweet

Zarda is sweet rice which is cooked in sugar syrup and served with lots of nuts on it. I like yellow color of this dish. It gives it very refreshing look. Zarda is our traditional sweet dish which is also cooked in many weddings. Ingredients Of Zarda  ½ kg boiled rice •    1 ½ cup [...]

Its a traditional sweet and everyone loves to eat this khoya ke seviyan . It must be served hot for good taste. Its also known as Shahi Vermicelli. This is a recipe not to be missed. Ingredients Of Khoya Ke Seviyan 1 packet vermicelli, thin one 250 gm khoya 1 cup milk Sugar to taste 3-4 small [...]

Its traditional dessert made with fried bread slices and milk. Its really very easy to make and it tastes heavenly. It just take few ingredients to make these shahi tukray. I like it with thick milk but some people also serve shahi tukray with less thick milk. If you want your shahi tukray milk to [...]