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zubaida tariq recipes

So you are craving for pizza…don’t worry just need a pita bread and you can satisfy your craving of pizza. You can add anything in it like cooked boneless chicken or boiled shredded chicken, vegetables, mushrooms, olives. Add anything you like and top it with cheese and bake. Following is the authentic and best recipe [...]

You can give this roast beef sandwich in lunch to your kids and you can have this sandwich on your lunch or in dinner. It is very convenient to prepare. image courtesy: taste of home Ingredients Of Roast Beef sandwich 8 slices roast beef 8 slices cheese 3 finely sliced carrots 1 small finely cut cabbage [...]

Enjoy this Ramadan with special iftari recipes by prominent chef Zubeida Tariq. Here is one of her best chicken steak recipe. image courtesy: cooking manners Ingredients Of Chicken Steak 4 pieces chicken breasts, hammer and flattened 1tbsp soya sauce 1tsp mustard powder 1tsp white pepper 1 tbsp. white vinegar Salt to taste 1 tsp. sugar [...]

In this recipe, Zubaida Tariq used chicken cube flour. To make that flour you have to mix 2 1/2 cups of refined flour with 10 chicken cube packets (such Knorr Chicken Cubes widely available in the local grocery store). You can store this mixture in an air tight jar in the fridge and can use [...]