The New Pant Of Season Is Now Churidar

Say good bye to your capris, pants, trousers, bell bottoms because now the new pant is churidar pajamas.

The garment has historical and traditional significance in our culture as a piece of clothing that was worn by royalty and courtiers and is shown in any period film, be it Mughal-e-Azam or Umrao Jaan. However for years it has been relegated to wedding wear, and even that was on the decline as the floor-skimming wide-legged trouser took over.


That may be about to change as bright funky tights and skinny jeans dominate runways and celebrity wardrobes. For those not ready to don skinny jeans, a local alternative has emerged in the form of the churidar. From Teejays’ cotton churidars to Ali Xeeshan’s quirky jamawar tights, this tubular garment has come back in a big way.

Tip: Since Pakistani women are generally short, the churidar elongates their silhouette.

A churidar is a better bet for voluminous outfits like anghrakhas and the kali-daar kameezes. It is extremely flattering not only for longer kameezes but also for shorter ones.

Tip: Churidars look great with long kameezes to give the lower half more definition.


Our fashion has always been linked to the international fashion scene and since the churidar is like the skinny jeans and leggings that are popular globally, the churidar is also making a comeback.

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