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Tips For Younger Looking Eyes


They say that your eyes should be the window to your soul…not your date of birth. Wrinkles, puffiness, sagging, they don’t stand a chance with these top tips.


Dark Circles

What Causes Them?

Due to skin around your eyes being very thin, stagnant blood can gather under them because of lack of sleep, excessive alchol or general ageing and this can result in dark circles.

Use Massage Techniques

Dark circles can look worse in the mornings. So using a light hydrating eye cream, gently massage around your eyes, without dragging the skin, to get the circulation flowing.

Disguise Them Flawlessly

If your dark circles are blue or purple, camouflage with a yellow toned concealer. If they look brown, use a peach colored one.


Use An Extra Pillow In Bed

By elevating your head slightly it will stop fluid gathering around your eyes.

Don’t Use Too Much Eye Cream

Slathering on too much can actually make eyes puffier, instead use a gel formula, which is light and will sink in easier.

Use A Cool Compress

Soak a cotton wool pad in iced water or use a few slices of cucumber to reduce the swelling. But always follow with a hydrating cream, using water alone may leave your skin dehydrated and lacking in radiance.


Three Ways To Put Twinkle In Your Eyes

Make Your Eye Color Stand Out

Detract from lines and wrinkles by accentuating the color of your eyes instead. Apply colored eye liner close to the lash line. Make blue eyes stand out with a copper shade. Brown eyes look stunning with teal or purple, and for green eyes, try violet.

Swap Mascaras

Do you use a black volumising mascara? Dense, black lashes can actually be more ageing and cast a shadow under your eyes. Swap for a brown, lengthening mascara instead.

Mattify Your Eye Make-up

Shimmery eye shadows can make puffy eyes look worse, so always go for a matte formula in a pale color to detract from your flaws.

Tip: Always apply your eye cream very gently and work from the outside of your eye towards the inner corner. Don’t drag or pull the delicate skin, it will just create more damage.


  • HumaRani March 6, 2011, 9:25 am


    This is Huma. I am 28 yrs old I have ultra sensitive face skin, rednees on my face, sunburn, double tone, oily skin, open poures. besides this i have lines under my eyes and loose skin on my eyelid. I request to you plz suggest me some home remedies or beauty tips. send me on email add . I will really thankful to you.
    warm regards

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