Tips On Surviving A Long Distance Relationship

Its a fact that when couples are distanced from one another, it usually arouses desperate feelings of love and compassion for their significant other. But although this is usually the case, sadly and importantly enough, it is not always the case. Things are also as likely to go in opposite direction where the new found space between the couple allows them the freedom to explore their own feelings, thus allowing the heart and mind to wander in directions less than entirely faithful. It results un what I like to call the distance disaster syndrome.

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Following are some tips on surviving a long distance relationship:

  • Since good communication is now going to be a large part of your relationship, it would be a good idea to discuss beforehand the amount of time each partner wishes to spend communicating everyday. By discussing this prior to the separation, a couple can eliminate any disappointments and impractical expectations.
  • Instead of sulking about the absence of your beloved, use this time to connect with old friends and family whom you have not seen recently. Also, being far apart gives you a chance to maintain your individuality… something that can get lost in the shuffle when couples spend all their free time together. Think about doing things you no longer have the time for in your busy life such as painting or redecorating your house.
  • Use your conservations as a way of getting to know your partner better. This is an advantage that proximal relationships don’t have and can result in a lack of depth in the relationship. Speak about your likes and dislikes, and take close note of the things each of you enjoy speaking about.
  • The element of surprise is often underestimated by couples who have known each other for too long. Whether it is a surprise visit or a surprise gift in the mailbox, it shows your partner that you are constantly thinking about them, and in return will make them think of you. Sending each other e-cards or flowers can have an amazing impact on the relationship and will surely keep any heart from wandering.
  • Make a creative way of counting down the days till the separation period is over. This is not only a good way of connecting, but will foster feelings of anticipation and excitement between you and your partner. A good idea is gifting your beloved with a box full of individually wrapped chocolates, one for each day till you see each other again. An even cutter variation of this is when each chocolate contains a reason for why you love them so much. This will not only make the chocolate melt in their mouths, but their hearts melt in your thoughts.

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