Tips To Beat Post-Gym Breakouts

Exercise should improve your skin. The boost in circulation you will get helps flush toxins from your system through sweat. Blemishes only appear if your post-workout skincare regime is not up to scratch and sweat and grime are left on the skin. So act up fast and look as good as you feel after your workout with these tips to beat post-gym breakouts.

Showering after a workout will reduce the chance of breakouts. Bodemer suggests doing this sooner than later to get the sweat and excess oils off your body. If you can’t shower right away, splashing water on your face to get rid of some of the sweat will help.


  1. Splash your face with lukewarm water before using a foaming, soap-free cleanser. Use your fingertips to work in the cleanser in small, circular movements around your face and hairline. Rinse well with warm water to remove perspiration and bacteria. Pat dry and if spots are a problem, try spritzing with a product such as Colloidal silver. Its anti-bacterial formula creates a protective barrier before applying your moisturizer.
  2. If you are prone to spots and irritation on your back, try using a gentle body powder after patting your body dry to soak up excess oil on your skin.
  3. During your workout, avoid wiping sweat from your brow with your hands as this can spread dirt and bacteria. Use a small, clean towel instead. Wipe down gym equipment before and after use with the paper towels that should be on hand.

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