Travel Beauty Problems: Beauty Tips

Travelling is supposed to be food for the soul. Nothing could be better for your inner and outer beauty than sailing over soft clouds, sitting in a train as it passes through hill and mountains, right? Travelling might be fun, but it also brings on nausea, jet lag, frizzy hair, puffy eyes and much more. Here are the solutions of some of your traveling beauty problems.


Dry Skin

When your skin in stretched tighter than your nerves, keep drinking lots of water. Apply a moisturizer every two hours to keep your skin hydrated.

Jet Lag

When you are too sleepy to cheek out that hottie at the airport. The best thing would be to sleep it off, it all depends on your body clock. You cant do much for jet lag, unfortunately. The only thing you can do is to keep track of the time in the country you are accordingly. Drinking lots of water seems to help too.


The answer to all travel problems is water, especially, tend to drink less water as feel less thirsty, but sipping on water throughout is really important.

Frizzy Hair

When your hair looks like you have been electrocuted, simply tie the hair up because there’s so much pollution around us and we already do so much to our hair, heat treatments and so on. Otherwise, just use a bandana to cover your hair.

Dry Hair

When your hair could be mistaken for a rope…….than the best way of dealing with the dry hair is to use a shampoo that is extra moisturizing. After shampoo and conditioning, you should always apply serum to your hair. Yoghurt and water are also supposed to be really good remedies.


The ideal thing to do while traveling by road is to take frequent halts. Evan a 10 minute stretch is enough. If you can’t do that you could do basic yoga exercise like rotating your wrist and ankles and changing position frequently.


The trick is just using a deodorant. Never leave your house without it. Use a deodorant and wear nice, loose cotton outfits. Avoid synthetic fabrics, they stink even when used with a deo.

Grimy Skin

Use Noxzema cleaning pads. They contain an astringent and are sealed in a box, so they are a little wet when you use them. They are especially good for cleaning out facial grimy.


Read books to combat boredom while travelling nothing could be a magazine, a novel or an Archie comic. With these things no one can bore.

Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes are caused by nothing but water retention. Drinking a lot of tomato juice, it flushes out the system. Nothing works better than sleep, teabags and cucumbers are really good when it comes to soothing your eyes.


Sleep it out, fatigue is caused by odd sleeping hours. When you have to travel a long distance, find nothing relaxes you more than simple yoga breathing exercise.

Dry Hands and Feet

If you feel problem of really dry nails during the travelling, than use nails cuticle cream and baby oil. They are the best solution for dry hands and feet. Most moisturizers are either too thick or too thin to apply, which is why baby oil is the ideal solution.

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