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Types Of Make-Up Foundations And How To Apply Foundation


No matter what we wear, and where we go, our skin must look natural and glowy. This can be attained by using a foundation. Foundation is the core of make-up. When applying make-up, one must make sure that the foundation is rightly matched to the color of skin. Neither too light nor too dark and pasty. One must ideally go for advice to a specialist make-up on two things: The shade of the foundation and according to your skin type. Foundations also come in ant aging formulas although a very creamy foundation would do the job. There are different consistencies of foundation:


Compact Foundation

Compact foundation keeps the skin matte and very smooth. These do not need to be powdered at the end. They are ideal to carry in bags for time to time touch ups.


Liquid Foundation

It glides on well and has more coverage than powder. Women are usually ver comfortable with liquid bases.

Cream To Powder Foundation

It is hard to find but a real novel concept. It glides on like a liquid foundation but gives a very matte feel to the skin, hence ideal for oily skin or humid weather like in Karachi.

Heavy Creamy Foundation

Thickest and heaviest coverage can be provided by applying a heavy creamy foundation. You can try the Sensual skin enhancer by Kevyn Aucoin. It gives the maximum coverage that one can possibly desires.


Mineral Foundation

It is commonly known as mineral make-up. Mineral makeup is the latest trend in beauty the world over. Mineral makeup is a crushed rock all in its natural form and you must ensure it is as natural as the brand claims. It has no talc. Mineral makeup does not adhere to the natural oils of the skin. It is non comedogenic (that which does not block the pores). It is ideal for skins from age 15-70. There’s an added benefit to all skin types. It has antibacterial properties in it. Mineral makeup should be applied with a mineral makeup brush.

How To Apply Foundation

Foundation can be applied with a foundation brush , a sponge or the finger tips. It is best applied downwards to avoid the effect of facial hair. Start at the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. Always blend the foundation well and ensure that too much does not necessarily look beautiful. Foundation must match the jaw line and neckline. A little tip: Foundation can be mixed in with primars or moisturizers to help give a more natural and sheer daytime look. So do not hesitate to get that moisturizer in your travel pouch to work.


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