Ways To Improve Your Brain Power

The tendency to forget comes in several different levels of severity and it can turn into serious condition if you don’t take proper action. Besides stress, poor appetite, unhealthy eating, no exercise, all of these are contributing factors towards this problem. You will find some people these days who even forget to eat.


Following are some helpful tips to help keep your memory in check.

Write Things Down And Reduce Stress

Make lists and cross things out when you are finished. This not only helps you feel more fulfilled as you cross each item but its also like an external memory in these hi tech days. Stress management is crucial to help you sharpen your mind. If you let your stress run your life, your mind will become weak and overloaded with the stress. Reduce stress as much as possible to sharpen your mind.

Study And Repetition

While it may sound boring, keeping your brain active by feeding it with new things helps you take better care of your memory. Repetition is the old age trick to take away from your school days. When you keep repeating yourself, its less easier to forget. Also keep the practice of repetition constant, even if it means repeating it after few days.

Broaden Your Horizons

Whether it is through travel, experiences or simply just meeting people, add diversity to your life and commit the good and bad times to memory. Having a good time creates a lot o0f pleasant memories and helps you develop your memory. Regular social interaction with others can help you keep your brain sharp. In addition to learning new things from other people, just the simple act of dealing with people can keep your brain functioning at a high level.

Use Mnemonics

The term “ brain fog” refers to a temporary loss of short term memory. It is a result of fatigue and an inability to pay attention or focus on things. There are many good memory techniques for remembering names, numbers, lists of things and much more. Create mnemonics, that is memory aids.

Vitamin Supplements

Make a habit of taking your vitamins. Consult a doctor and get him to prescribe the right vitamins for you. Take these religiously and make it part of your routine to be healthy, both in mind and body. It will truly make a world of a difference on your memory. Brain support supplements can help your brain stay in its peak conditions. They also help ward off forgetfulness and other mental conditions.

Rule Of Thumb

Eat, sleep, breath and exercise. Taking deep breathes sends oxygen to the brain. Eat healthy because it has its own impact and sleep, as your brain needs that rest. Physical exercise plays a significant role in your mental health. It increases the formation of new brain cells and strengthens the portions of the brain responsible for memory and learning. in Short, a fit body is a fit mind.

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